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Some words from our Valued Clients

“I hired Perfect Resumé after an exhaustive and unsuccessful job search of more than 6 months. Perfect Resumé assisted me with Resumé revision, interview coaching, and salary negotiation. I landed my current job in less than 45 days as a direct result of the consultative services I received from Perfect Resumé. I’ve found my happy place with my new job and I couldn’t have done it without Perfect Resumé. Thank you!”

-Shana K.

“I can say without a doubt that Perfect Resumé is responsible for me finding a job after over 2 years of looking for a position. Perfect Resumé crafted a resumé for me that truly presented my accomplishments in a way that grabbed the attention of recruiters and made my resumé stand out.”

-Leslie G.

“I love the service I received from Perfect Resumé! About a year ago I had my resumé everywhere (even with a temp agency) and was getting little to no response. I worked with Perfect Resumé to revise my resumé and had a new job within 2 weeks! I’ve recommended Perfect Resumé to all of my family and friends.”

– Tracy T.

“I got a job using Perfect Resumé and so did one of my friends who I referred to them. If that doesn’t prove that Perfect Resumé is an outstanding service I don’t know what does!”

– Noel C.

“I am the third member of my family to have successfully used Perfect Resumé services. I couldn’t believe how great my resumé looked! I started getting interview requests within the first two weeks and I’m happy to report that I received multiple job offers.”

– Mike D.

“I am so excited! I put my resumé online today and I already got a call for an interview! I’m interviewing for a great position with a legal firm next Wednesday and there is no doubt in my mind that the resumé you created for me was spot on!”

– Rosie J.

“Perfect Resumé was the best investment I made during my job search. My resumé needed a complete overhaul and I was very impressed with the results and the price was right. The format is great and it gets attention! When I recently needed an update, there was no question who I needed to call. Once again, I was impressed with the results and continue to refer others who need his resumé writing services. I highly recommend Perfect Resumé as a company you can trust.”

– Craig D.

“I just wanted to let you know that your cover letter and resumé really came through for me. I’ve accepted a new job in Arizona as a Project Manager and begin in 3 weeks. Thank you so much for all of your hard work.”

“You said my resumé would get results and you weren’t kidding! It’s been less than 1 week since I received my resumé from Perfect Resumé. I already had a first interview this week and am scheduled to have a second interview next week.”

– Andrew H.

“I had to email you guys to let you know I just accepted a job offer today. Thank you so much!”

– Todd E.

“I was very impressed with Perfect Resumé when I had my initial resumé consultation. Their process is what sold me on their service. The in-depth interview helped uncover valuable skills that I didn’t have on my old resumé! Even better, I started getting interview requests within less than 3 weeks. I start my new job next week. I’m very excited and happy to provide this testimonial!”

– Richard R.

“Perfect Resumé does an outstanding job. I got a new job in less than 2 months. I have recommended this service to two of the most important people in my life: my son and daughter.”

– Sherry T.

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